April 22, 2014

A Sense of Beauty

Wow, as a someone who is an incredibly 'visual' person (I mean come on, this is a makeup blog...) or really, simply as someone whose greatest pleasures revolve things that require sight - drawing, reading, pottery...I honestly had forgotten how many wonders the other senses give us.

To me, the most wonderful, exquisite, beautiful things in the world to....

  • SEE are the fade of colors right between the horizon and the sky, sunlight in a room with white walls and a glossy hardwood floor
  • HEAR is the burble of my family's voices in the background, the sound of water flowing
  • TOUCH is a perfectly smooth piece of pottery, microfiber fabrics 
  • TASTE is defintely cheese - dessert cheeses like brie, mascarpone, Stilton, Wensleydale. I also love the taste of the 'perfect' water (I can't describe it), and my mom's jook with a dash of sesame oil, carrots, and Singles cheese ^.^ 
  • SMELL of cleanliness.  In my mind, it's a mix of Dove soap, Clorox wipes and lemons. And of course the smell of baked goods and chicken soup.
  • FEEL is the contentment of snuggling into a toasty blanket right after you have showered, of sharing an awesome joke with somebody, of experiencing something delightfully new....
....ah, yes....life can be fine indeed.

In other news - I finally got my hands on the Missha The Style Glow Lip Balm in OR1 Mandarin Orange.  I really wanted CR01 Scarlet Corel, but holy mothballs not only were these OOS for weeks, my local Missha only carried 3 colors.  Maybe when I go to Busan, I'll check again if I come across another Missha.   I started recording my next video but it has been busy so...yeah...it won't be up till next month :( 

April 13, 2014

Hong Kong & Macau Travel Tips & Tricks

So, I actually took a ton of videos during my trip in HK and Macau, but at the rate I'm going through them it'll be 2015 before they ever see the light of day wtf.... SOOOO I decided to do a little mini-post instead because I'm in a reminiscing mood~

Tbh I can't believe it's already been 2 months already because I am already itching to hit the road again! Speaking of, I will be going to Singapore (5 days) with a little stop in Shanghai (12 hours) and Kaula Lumpur (2 days) in June.  If any of y'all are from those neck of woods - let me knowwwww~   Meeting bloggers from other parts of the world is defintely one of the main reasons I still blog - it's crazy how small the world has become with the internet.

Anyway, for peeps who didn't know already - back in January, I went to Hong Kong and Macau for a few days. I would label this as my first 'true' solo adventure because it was the first time I went to a country alone and did not speak the primary language....though really, everything was in English so I don't even know if that should count....  However, even without the language barrier, many a crazy thing happened and it's true what they say - there is no teacher like Life itself xD  But I must say, my best memories are when my plans all went to shit ^_^

To make this post semi-useful I also included some tips that I picked up during the trip. If you ever visit HK/Macau - I hope this will help a bit :)

March 18, 2014

"My Love From Another Star" Makeup & Fashion

Besides the perfection that is Kim Soo Hyun, a witty, fast-paced script (the ending sucked tho :P), and the abundance of hilarious meta-jokes - one of highlights from this hit K-drama, "My Love From Another Star" has defintely been Jun Ji Hyun's amazing wardrobe and makeup!

I stumbled across a few blogs that listed a lot of the makeup and clothes that JJH - or shall we say Cheon Song Yi - wore in the k-drama and thought it'd be fun to compile a post with ya know, all her makeup/clothes etc. so we can all pretend we could look remotely like JJH just by dabbing on a little makeup and changing our clothes.

So yeah....go be amazed by the things I do in my spare time....

March 9, 2014

A February-ish Review + TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow

Gahhh, I swear iMovie was conspiring against me!  So here is my February(-ish) video in March ^_^ I didn't review very much yet it's a strangely long video....I talk too much :P I also feel like I look weirdly plump....gah...must stop eating ramen at 2AM :(

Products reviewed:
  • TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow in #2 Gray Brown
  • Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner in #01 Black
  • TonyMoly Cool Eye Stick
  • Sugar Fresh Lip Balms in ROSE and CLEAR

Also, what do you want to see next time? I'd say in the March review, but I feel like that's being too...optimistic... ^_~

What would you like to see reviewed next time?

Closes March 26

And as promised, here is a full review of the TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow...

February 27, 2014

sorry sorry sorry

Sorry! Sorry I couldn't resist ;) what can I say, it's a catchy song! So....the point of this post....


I recorded the video earlier this momth, spent 2 weeks editing, and planned to export and upload it right before I leave for Seoul.  Well, iMovie decided to be a little *bleep* and did that thing where the audio de-synchronizes about 10 minutes into the clip. AGAIN!!! This is the bloody 3rd time it's done this!!  I couldn't fix it in time to catch my flight (which incidentally got delayed 5 hours because of microdust from China passing through Seoul ○_•), so in a nutshell.....my February review video will be up on March 2 after I get back home. So it will be a February-ish review ;)

I really wish my laptop could handle FCP..... I swear if I ever meet an iMovie developer, I would have WORDS. And by words I mean punches.

February 8, 2014

Review: Skinfood Water Gel Masks

I saw these Gel Masks at the the Skinfood store a couple weeks ago and I just had to try 'em! Skinfood's Facial Water Vita-A Gel Masks are still in my Top 3 favorite masks of all time, so I had very high expectations indeed....

Per usual, I adore Skinfood's marketing angle - there's something so refreshing and pure sounding about these new Water lines ^_^ Sounds perfect for a face that suffers from hyper-pigmentation and swelling right?

February 2, 2014

I shall miss your egg tarts...

So I just got back from my Macau/Hong Kong trip. For people following my Twitter, it may have seemed like a standard sightseeing trip - aka see the HK skyline, tour Bird Street, visit casinos....but there was a shit ton going on behind the scenes let me tell you.

In a nutshell, there was a lot of egg tarts, pineapple-less pineapple bread, ankle spraining, diarrhea, dry heaves, coughing, and fainting naked in bathrooms of luxury hotels....GAHAHHAHA!!!?!??

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest....pix, reviews, and all that jazz coming up! (As soon as I process this crazy, unforgettable, amazing, and traumatizing trip.)

January 5, 2014

Pick a Review Bebeeeee :) [CLOSED]

In light of my 2014 Resolutions - a video!  1 down...11 to go.... I also actually recorded this in November -_- it just took 2 bloody months to edit, but it still counts right?! Guhhhh....editing was such a pain because I wasn't used to talking in front of a camera anymore and kept messing up ;_;  Oh, well.

And can I just say how much an friggin miss my lights ;_;?!?  Good lighting sure worked wonders... That overhead lighting does nothing for me -_-

Products Reviewed:
Tonymoly UV Sunset Facial Sun Spray SPF30 PA++
Tonymoly Perfect Eyes Water-proof Liner in Real Black
Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner
Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
Skinfood Mandarin & Shea Butter Hand Cream
Etude House Nail Polish Remover #2 Extra Power

I'm not sure why I needed such a long close up "action" shot of the Nature Republic Soothing Gel... I think I just liked the way the goopiness looked on camera :P

Anyway, as I said in the video, please feel free to vote on which product you'd like to see in the next review, hopefully to be posted next month *crossesfingers* This list is a mix of new releases or am interested in trying and need an excuse to buy ehehe

What would you like to see reviewed the most?

Voting closes January 25 so that I have time to buy and sample the product for February.

Let's see how this voting thing goes ^_^ 

OK peeps - TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow it is!

It comes in Natural Brown and Gray Brown...not sure which to get yet....
(probably Gray Brown)